Our Solutions

Single glazed partitioning from Radii offers versatility in both acoustic performance and design. 


Our Linear L25, L30 and L59 single glazed systems are commonly installed using deflection heads of +/- 15-40m and typically configured up to heights of 3000mm, with extension up to 3650mm possible using transom bars.


Glazing options comprise toughened, laminate, or decorative glass up to 26.8mm in thickness and 40dB RW, while framework can be produced in any colour through anodising or powder coating and samples provided. 

Our single glazed partitioning can incorporate many of our glass and timber door solutions, both in pivoting and sliding configurations. 


Radii double glazed partitioning bring elegance and adaptability to any space. 


Our Parallel P50 and P100 double glazed systems are produced containing two separate skins of dry joint glass panels up to 16.8mm in thickness, achieving up to 53dB RW and perfect for environments that require higher levels of acoustic performance. 


Parallel partitioning can be manufactured up to 3000m in height or extended to 3650mm through the use of transom bars, while glazing can be produced as toughened, laminated or with decorative elements based on requirements. 


Commonly installed using deflection heads of +/- 15-40mm, our double-glazed systems can be installed alongside various sliding and pivoting doors from our extensive range. 


Our premium Rio double extruded glazed partitioning system utilises multiple individual double-glazed windows to form partition fronts and is acoustically rated at 45dB RW. 


This fully extruded system has been designed to offer an industrial glazed window aesthetic without the need for bonded-on transoms and has the capacity to utilise a range of glazing finishes on each individual window as required.  


Radii’s timber-framed glazed partitioning system Dovetail is a sustainable solution manufactured using timber that is strictly sourced from FSC approved suppliers. Samples of timber framing can be produced for up-front client approval to help ensure that the desired look and feel is achieved across the project. 


The Dovetail system is available as both a single and double glazed system and is compatible with all Radii door sets and tech units. 


Radii’s team are fully prepared to look beyond our standard partitioning systems to produce a designed solution specific to a project that meets the most intricate of technical and aesthetic requirements. 


Radii’s glass doors perfectly complement our range of glazed partitioning systems. 


With sliding, pivoting and bi-fold options to choose from, our door solutions are available in single glazed (34-38dB RW) and double glazed (37-47dB RW) profiles and structurally and acoustically sealed using a solvent free, high strength adhesive within the glazed channels.  


All our glazed partitioning systems are compatible with timber door solutions, giving even more flexibility for matching a project’s design intent. 


Available in a range of thicknesses from 44m to 64mm, our timber doors are manufactured with an enhanced acoustic core that gives tested performance up to 44dB RW. Furthermore, Radii can facilitate full veneer selection and style matching across the project where required. 


Our tech units are designed to accommodate a range of devices including room booking systems, security panels and signage. 


Hinged or lift-off panels enable access for maintenance work without the need to adjust the glazed front, with finishing options including glazing, veneering and aluminium helping to provide a seamless transition between glazed partitioning and adjacent door sets. 


Radii’s demountable crosswall partitions are an economical, sustainable partitioning solution designed to be fully reconfigurable to suit the evolving needs of a client over the course of a 25-year lease. 


Exceptionally quick to take down and re-erect and available in a variety of finishes, they are ideal for modern workspaces that requires additional flexibility. 


We ensure that the glazed partitioning solutions we provide all utilise stunning aesthetics to elevate the internal space they are placed in. 


We offer a number of opportunities for customisation in the finish of our systems, including: 

  • Glass finishes: switchable, textured, interlayered, back-painted, magnetic and sand-blasted 
  • Film manifestations: textured; digitally printed; frosted; cloaking 
  • Aluminium finishes: textured; polished; anodised; timber-effect; RAL colour-matched